First Post Anxiety

I’ve never written a blog before. But I’ll try to keep the throat clearing to a minimum.

This post is to set the ground rules for all of my posts and give you an idea of what to expect.

I solemnly swear they will be:

  • Mostly short, unless I feel like writing something longer. I’ll give you a heads up if the post will be long and you can save your precious time and scroll past it
  • Focused on areas of interest which I am researching and experimenting with in my life
  • Open to feedback, critical, good or bad. Hit me with it
  • Broad and probably eclectic. You may not see any link between an essay on ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ and ‘Mindfulness at work’. It is what it is; this is my blog so I get to decide what I post.

I hope I get to add some value for people reading it. I’m not very funny, and I’m no smarter than anyone else, but I’m good at delving into things and producing the ‘summary’ version for other people.

My brain enjoys condensing subjects into meaningful portions that I can process and understand.

On and up people. Catch you.

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